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Joe Figg Capture those ignorant mentally ill useless people and educate them as to what harm they are doing.

If that doesn't work ...out their teeth...I guess kill them like a tuskless elephant or hornless rhino.

😉#Israeli researchers find way to catch deadly metastatic #melanoma invading the brain much earlier, when there is still hope.

"I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter..cast-offs of human society. To find loving forever homes for adoptable German Shepherd Dogs placed in shelters, strays, and owner turn-ins.I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal. Provide needed medical care, training, and rehabilitation to neglected, abused, or sick German Shepherd Dogs until they are ready for adoption.#israelisonit Ws F5i George Allakhverdyan Don't undermine the hard work of researchers/people involved in this by crediting their findings with "god's blessing" - no, not your god and not anyone's god is responsible for the hard work of these people, they themselves are Nanci Anne Bunch A FB friend posted this profound comment this morning ..."Has anyone else noticed that Islam has been "quiet" since the time of Columbus until G-d has fallen out of favor in the United States. It just seems to me that as G-d has grown weaker in the United States Islam has gained strength in the world. I have oversimplified this, but I would like you to think about this, and think about where we are going."Check out these 12 #Israeli sensors that will revolutionize our lives: they do everything from screening luggage for explosives to scanning food for harmful bacteria to gauging when fruit trees need more water.

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#israelisonit Yhl M Aviv Mor Check out super meat , another new Israeli invention which allows to take a small piece of meat from an animal and duplicate it to make meat , its more cheap then traditional meat and no animals are harmed in the process, clean meat without medicine, truly amazing We are currently hosting a contest on our Instagram, @Untold News!

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