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The American beat world champion Maria Paseka of Russia with a score of 15.966 from her two vaults.

Paseka claimed silver and Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber pipped India's Dipa Karmakar by 0.15 of a point to take bronze.

Read more: John Prescott says Tories building worse housing crisis than Thatcher Parquet floors, skylights and Louis XVI fireplaces abound throughout the place, mixed in with more modern elements like a life, gym and cinema room.

A wine cellar fit to hold 500 bottle of preferably vintage plonk rounds out the mod cons.

The 22-year-old fell to the court and kissed it after sealing victory as fans waved Puerto Rican flags and yelled her name.

Fittingly for the Prime Minister who championed home ownership and brought in Right to Buy, Margaret Thatcher 's final abode is up for an eye-watering £30 million - but once you see inside, you'll understand why.

The palatial mansion stands at 73 Chester Square, close to houses with blue plaques commemorating past residents such as poet Matthew Arnold, Frankenstein novelist Mary Shelley and 1930s Conservative PM, Stanley Baldwin.

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