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When the April day arrived, complete with judges and watched eagerly by family and friends, the students responded with well-conceived presentations that included the use of Power Point and websites that they had built.

Beginning with conducting market research, they developed, step by step, business plans for companies that they had imagined themselves.

One company that emerged, called Power Nap, provided siesta services for business executives; another provided after-school recreation centers.

“I wanted to provide a good learning experience, based on my adaptation of a curriculum for business plans that I developed, and used, over the past 15 years at Rutgers Business School,” says Belliveau, who spoke to the students each week before Shapiro and he facilitated group discussions on the topic of the day and the homework assignment to come.

“Their enthusiasm for this program was absolutely incredible.

At the end, one student said to me: ‘We understood everything you were trying to teach us, and we learned so much from you.’ You know, it doesn’t get any better than that.” Wendy Maravi, a guidance counselor at Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy in Elizabeth, served, among other administrative duties, as the chaperon on the bus bringing the students to and from New Brunswick.

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