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is a multi-ply enterprise specializing in industrial products, especially in the field of welding material and welding consumable.

Our products include: CO2 gas shield welding wire(MIG wire) flux-cored arc welding wire submerged arc welding wire argon arc welding stainless steel welding wire welding electrodes welding fluxes(agglomerated and fused types) raw material for welding flux and mixed flux for welding...

We are recognized as a leading provider of training for the trades.

Our curriculum includes hands-on and highly interactive courses for the millwright, mechanic, electrician and instrument technician.

Find Your Training Solution Your partner to close the skill, knowledge, and documentation gaps that lead to machine failure.

Our process supports your RCM goal with collaboration between operations and maintenance.

See How We Can Team-Up Sawmills, mining trucks, smelter plants, pulp mills, and oilfield units have all been the focus of our unique custom programs.

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