Sprung dating game walkthrough

You basically try to encounter the guy you’re going for every time there’s a choice.

(True end) KANATA GOOD END Suzuya: Talk with Suzuya Talk with Suzuya I’m hungry, so I’ll go to the cafeteria Intervene between them In front of the dorm In front of the dorm I want to talk about Leo Maybe the Moon Suzuya, I guess?I’ll go alone Planisphere Go to the classroom Say “ah~ah” to Suzuya I can’t figure out what to do Go to get Suzuya Try talking with Suzuya Suzuya you really are kind I’m happy…but I don’t know if this is love You spoke too much in that smooth manner…(Good end), Nod approvingly (True end) SUZUYA GOOD END Yoh: Talk with Yoh-kun Talk with Yoh-kun Study in the library Defend Yoh Rooftop garden Rooftop garden I want to talk about Ursa Major Probably Saturn Yoh-kun I’ll take Yoh-kun along with me Binoculars Go to the rooftop garden Say “ah~ah” to Yoh-kun Go for a walk Seek help from Yoh-kun I’ll try to talk with Yoh-kun Become surprised Isn’t it obvious?Thank you…I understand Vaguely nod (Good end), Nod with a smile (True end) YOH GOOD END For the final CG of each character, you have to go through the TRUE END to get it.You know you got the True end if it says 5 years later rather than 2 years later. c=christian-dating-websites-reviews-uk"]Christian dating websites reviews uk[/url][url=" p=headlines-for-dating-profiles"]Headlines for dating profiles[/url][url=" c=questions-pour-site-de-rencontre-adolescent"]Questions pour site de rencontre adolescent[/url][url=" p=free-dating-site-berlin"]Free dating site berlin[/url][url=" p=most-accurate-ultrasound-dating-baby"]Most accurate ultrasound dating baby[/url][url=" c=je-recherche-mon-compte-facebook"]Je recherche mon compte facebook[/url][url=" p=widows-and-widowers-online-dating"]Widows and widowers online dating[/url][url=" p=married-woman-humboldt-mn-dating"]Married woman humboldt mn dating[/url][url=" p=kardashian-dating-jonas"]Kardashian dating jonas[/url][url=" p=evanescence-amy-lee-dating"]Evanescence amy lee dating[/url][url=" c=de-trouver-une-femme-a-Liege"]De trouver une femme a Liege[/url][url=" c=rencontre-maroc-pour-mariage"]Rencontre maroc pour mariage[/url][url=" p=is-justin-bieber-and-selena-gomez-still-dating-yes-or-no"]Is justin bieber and selena gomez still dating yes or no[/url][url="

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