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He himself gave one of the presentations at last year’s Student Day.A separate Student Tent Like last year, the student will have their own tent outside Trondheim Spektrum, where all the events on Student Day will be held.

The benefits in terms of recruitment opportunities and being visible to future employees were great,” says Martinsen.

Meeting point «We want to show the students the opportunities that exist in the fisheries industry.

Exhibitors at Nor-Fishing will be smart if they take this opportunity to establish contact with the brightest heads that are the ones who will develop the industry in the future,” adds Stine Falk-Petersen, who is Project Manager for Student Day.

Joining forces for the students Student Day is a cooperation project between the Nor-Fishing Foundation, the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association, Bridgehead Frøya, Seafood Norway, the NTNU University in Trondheim, NTNU Ocean Club, and

Student Day was a very popular event at Aqua Nor last year, and will now be a recurring feature of both Aqua Nor and Nor-Fishing.

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