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But that chapter of his biography didn’t play much part in our lovely blossoming romance.

At the time, Travis got his singing joy largely from an Episcopal church choir.

He’d put out some albums as a solo artist and then decided to leave the industry and go into computer programming full time.

He worked at the When I asked about the others, he said he didn’t have any copies, and that I would have to buy them on i Tunes. I enjoyed them, although I didn’t memorize any lyrics or listen to them on repeat.

I don’t know any obscure bands and can’t talk knowledgeably about any artist’s “catalog.” I don’t particularly like going to see live music that much—it’s too loud, and I get too tired.

I appreciate and enjoy music, but have no passionate or fanatical interest in it.

I don’t hang out in rock clubs wearing leather miniskirts or do anything else featured in I started dating Travis Morrison, a computer programmer who worked at my company in early 2010.

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We got to know each other through chatting at the lunch table.

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