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The Gavotte RAMDisk is able to set the RAMDisk in the area above 4GB memory addresses and can enable the usage of this area for other purposes.

bcdedit /set pae Force Enable Run bdcedit and validate the result.

"pae" should be listed as shows below: Reboot your PC to have the PAE mode effective.

In explorer locate the file "ram4g.reg" within the extracted set of files from the RAMDisk, double click the file to add the registry settings.

The content of the REG file should look like this: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\RRamdisk\Parameters]"Use PAE"=dword:00000001 Navigate to the folder where the RAMDisk files have been extracted and start "ramdisk.exe" with administrator permissions. After you clicked the button there will be a warning displayed by Windows Security to validate of you really would like to install the RAMDisk, click on "Install this driver software anyway". you need to wait a bit, on my box it took ~30 seconds to complete the installation.

If completed the GUI should display something like: Also you'll notice that a drive "R:\" is now available in your Windows Explorer using the size of your missing memory between 3GB and 4GB.

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Reboot (again) to validate that RAMDisk is installed correctly. To set it up as swap space (swapping from RAM to RAM) you... 1) How can i be sure that the RAMdisk does not eat memory that is usually visible in my system.

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