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Because they have no personal existence you can share and make it feel by saying word of love and Respect.Gmail's not just for email--you can also communicate with your friends in real time using chat in Gmail!Gmail is part of Google's chat network, which means that you can communicate with your friends using Google Plus.If you're already using Gmail, all you need to do to chat is sign in, invite your friends, and start a chat. In addition to instant messaging, you can also chat face to face with up to nine people and call phones. Using Gmail to chat with your friends also enables chat history.Chat history allows you to store the text of your chats in your Gmail account so that you can easily search for them later.

The whole online community has become a massive social community, and the netizen now play a very important role in world-wide economics.

They have provided valuable source of information in social dynamics, latest innovations and the viral advertisement in various businesses throughout the globe through the power of blogging.

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