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There are plenty of differences between in-person dating and online dating sites, and one of the biggest you’ll come across is the online dating lingo.

There is a multitude of abbreviations and shortcuts used when speaking in an online dating chat room, over an instant messaging service or via email.

For this reason, we have provided a full Online Dating Glossary of terms and abbreviations, with their respective definitions.

WBM = Widowed Black Male) WE = Well Endowed WTR = Willing To Relocate WUF = Where are You From?

I've met with this guy who is like ten years older than me and did stuff.

Nothing anal wise just, you know, stuff but afterwards I feel bad for doing it.

The guy is really nice about it I just dunno why I keep feeling like this and going back only to like complete crap afterwards.

He says I should just enjoy it and that's only a bit fun and he doesn't force me to do anything I don't want to.

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