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The truth is that courtship should be viewed as a season of exploration.A courting couple acknowledges their relationship for the sake of accountability and counsel as they seek God’s will for their futures.They are not committed to each other, but rather toward the shared goal of discerning whether they want to spend the rest of their life together. A courtship that doesn’t end in a wedding is a painful experience, but it’s not as tragic as a couple entering into a marriage heedless of factors that should have kept them apart.

We may be safe, but we will never learn the joy of trusting in the Father when everything else we have leaned upon has washed away.How can I make such bold statements and speak so passionately about this subject? I’ve experienced two successful courtships on my journey to becoming someone’s wife. My heart was broken, and the pain was mixed with shock that a courtship — pursuing a relationship with much prayer, counsel, accountability, and seeking to honor God — had not protected me from a broken heart.Myth #2 This is the myth that “Courtship is a guaranteed, pain-free path to marriage”.And here is where so many tears have been shed, so many broken hearts crumpled even more — from the expectation that a certain formula or style of dating will guard us from pain.The truth is that we are on this earth to know God and to give Him glory.

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