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The court clerk should give you some forms to fill out, which basically provides the court with your complete identification, contact information, and a detailed report of the incident(s) which prompted you to take action.

The clerk may also ask for any corroborating evidence of harassment, threats or bodily harm.

You'll want to bring photographs of injuries, copies of threatening communications or official incident reports.

There are essentially two different schools of thought when it comes to the nature and scope of a typical restraining order.

One is considered protection against harassment, while the other is considered an order of protection.

The differences between the two can be confusing, so many experts suggest consulting with a legal advocate before seeking a restraining order.

Once you have filled out the required forms and provided evidence to the clerk, a judge will consider your petition for a restraining order as soon as his or her schedule allows.

If the judge is convinced that a restraining order is required immediately, he or she will issue a temporary order of restraint called an restraining order.

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