Dating outside your race

It's okay to prefer one race over the other, but I hope one day race can just be unnoticeable in that world.If you find someone that you love, it doesn't matter if he's white, black, grey, or blue!If this person cares for you and sees you in a different light and makes you feel special then that is the person to spend your time with.Some parents might disapprove of their children dating outside their race, but Tamera always had her mom and dad's full support."The Real" host talks about her parents' interracial relationship and how it's not that different from the one she has with her husband.Relationships are hard enough as it is, but some relationships are more difficult than others.

I remember reading how it was illegal to marry someone if you were an interracial couple up until like 1967 (in the U. I'm so glad it's different now, because I KNOW I'm gonna marry a white guy, haha. I haven't dated anyone, yet, but if I do, that person wouldn't be Asian.I don't know that many Asian guys." Photo Source: Shutterstock"I've never understood why race is such a big thing in the dating world.I found a lot of girls on our message boards talking about interracial relationships and if they’re comfortable dating outside their race.Check out what they had to say: "I'm black, but I'm light-skinned so some people think I'm biracial or Native American or something.(I actually am part Native American.) I LOVE white guys.

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I've had plenty of crushes and for the most part, they've all be white. My current crush is kind of biracial (he's half Cuban) and I think that's pretty cool.

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