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Similar types of "intimate relationship" socialization are equally valid.

Because of difficulties in "reading" body language and cues, people on the Spectrum have a difficult time in negotiating the complex art of social interaction.

This isn't an impossible thing, and most of us have learned to do this, but we have to learn it.

NTs have to learn the same things, but the additional difficulties that autistics have make it more difficult for us to "get started".

The activity of "going on a date" in a traditional sense is no longer a universal form.

The dating ritual (in the sense of "going on a date") is not the focus of this article.

This is much like driving -- once you get a beginning level of skills, you will learn no matter what your native aptitude for driving is.

One difference -- in relationships, there is very little public transportation. For the purposes of this article, I am using the term to describe couples-type relationships, associated with dating and life partnership.

There are of course other meanings to the word "intimate".

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