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A tactful way to do this is to simply reach for the check when it comes.

You are having a great time, and it only takes about 20 minutes before you think, "Oh, I’d like to see this person again." If you’ve had a first date where you knew right away that you’d like a second date, this guide will help you steer in the direction of date number two. Touch their arm when you tell a story, as a passing gesture. Oh please banish talk of medical conditions, fringe politics, and religious ideas, unless you are 100% sure that your date is well aligned with you.

If you and your date aren’t attracted to each other, have nothing in common, argue within the first five minutes of your time together, can’t quit yawning, have wandering eyes, or keep saying, “un-hun, un-hun, un-hun,” you don’t want a second date. Establish that you’re not two work colleagues having dinner. Even if they are, talk about your travels, your passions, your favorite books or anything else that is light and fun. Very few people want to sit through a detailed explanation of your diverticulitis.

This is a guide for people who think “WOW,” and are curious how they can increase the odds of getting a second evening out. If you have a doppelganger who robs banks, be prepared to explain. Having a ready explanation is the best way to say to your dates, “I’m normal” and “I play it cool.” This is not a contradiction to “play it cool”. This is about romance, even if you’re being slow and respectful. I saw a post on the e Harmony Facebook page the other day that said, “First date is always make sure you're not a psycho' drinks/happy hour type date.” Exactly. You’re putting your best foot forward here, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The point is, you need to take yourself out for coffee with a yellow legal pad and think about what makes you interesting. Don’t assume that your date is going to see what makes you brilliant, subtly bring it up!

Sounds like you’re perfectly aware of that fact, which means you’ll know exactly how much time you need to prepare ahead of time, even if it’s five hours (hey, we don’t judge.) 4. Most guys will freely tell you that there’s nothing more cliché (read: boring) than a girl who doesn’t eat on a date. We’re not saying she needs to house four cheeseburgers, but we want girls to be comfortable when they’re out with us, and nothing says they’re uncomfortable and uptight more than not eating! If you get the urge, step up your game and act your age. Keep them semi-general: Ask about work, his family, his hobbies, pop culture, his favorite music. Politics, religion, his exes, and how much cash he pulls in.

Perhaps that seems strange, and in a way it is flattering, but it reveals an odd lack of maturity. The person is trying to determine if you are, and if it is possible for you to be so, you should be. It tends to reduce love to a transaction, and that’s not good. ” They want to know because there is some small chance that they will be going with you.

A random, “You look great tonight” is fine, but play it cool. But anywhere that people have choices there exists a kind of market. It’s hard to come out and ask, “What’s your plan, Stan?

Instead, wear things you know look good on you but won’t hinder you from being cool, calm, and collected.

Plus, won’t it suck to not be able to walk a few blocks on a nice night because your heels are too high? Yeah, we know the whole fashionably late ideology still exists, but on a first date, you’ll make a better impression if you show up on time.

Read on for 12 first date dos and don’ts that every girl should know! It’ll only look strange if you tell him all that you’re already seated and waiting to order. If he asks what you’d like to eat, drink, or share for dessert, don’t say “I don’t care, what do you want? Obviously, you want to look your best, but a first date isn’t the time to take those new 5-inch stilettos out for a road test, or wear that dress that’s a little tight. Because first dates are anxiety-filled enough and being uncomfortable in your clothes only makes it worse.

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So, what’s a girl to do to lessen the nerves that inevitably come with first-date territory? a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when hanging out with someone totally new— remember, it’s all about making a solid first impression. Nobody likes a pushover, so if your date tells you he’s planned an evening at a sushi restaurant and you don’t eat fish, or he wants to hang at a cocktail lounge but you don’t drink, speak up. DON’T wear things that you can’t walk, eat, breathe, or talk in. If you think not ordering dinner will make you appear skinnier, prettier, more feminine, or more mysterious, guess what? Try this instead: Highlight some recent achievements that are about .

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