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Some women compare living with an angry husband to living by an active volcano.

One always lives in a constant state of alertness—always waiting for something to blow up and splatter molten lava everywhere.

So when you start crying over things, it may evoke the same feeling inside, and the little voice in his head may say: “Men don’t cry.” So what you may get in return is an angry outburst that will attempt to suppress your cry.

That's all that is—his little voice talking and not his actual, active voice of the man who loves you and claims himself as your life partner.

The following advice is based on the assumption that your husband's anger is directed at you, and not a politician or the electricity bill.

However in order for the advice to be effective, it may require you to shift your own mental perspective and, often times, your ego.

It is essential you do what is best for both of you.

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