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When a partner is absent for intermittent stretches [gone during the week and home on the weekend], couples tend to have sex more frequently because there are obvious points of reconnection: Return, have sex, leave.” Carolyn Clare, Calgary-based psychologist specializing in sexuality, gender and relationships “Seventy-one percent of Albertans said that companionship kept them in their relationships, and that was higher than the rest of Canada.There’s research that really supports the idea that deep friendship is the foundation of intimacy and satisfying sex, so I wonder if the women in this study, who talk about companionship, have more of that deep friendship which promotes not only intimacy, but sexual intimacy.” Dr.Trina Read, Calgary-based author, sex coach and columnist “People who are in the Prairie provinces tend to be a lot more laid-back than people from the Eastern provinces.To better understand our fellow Canadians — and steal their best practices — we asked experts to explain our differences in a series of posts, starting with the mother of all subjects: sex.Sixty-six percent of Albertan women say they get busy at least once a week, compared to 50 percent across the rest of Canada.They also reported more relationship satisfaction than women in most other provinces. generalize and speculate in a highly educated manner) those numbers.“One of the factors, historically, has been Alberta’s robust economy.

I’d be curious to see if Albertan women are having less sex now, given the current recession the province is facing. A lot of jobs here are remote; they’re oil jobs, so if partners are working out of town it prevents them from de-prioritizing sex.It doesn’t become routine, like ‘we’ll get to it on Tuesday’ and then Tuesday is busy and it doesn’t happen.Three Secret Weapons for a Happy Relationship: G-Spot, A-Spot, U-Spot: Who is more sexually satisfied, married women or single women? How long should sex last and how often should we be having it?: 5 Great Books on Love, Sex and Relationships: Top 5 Relationship Myths: Low Libido: Five tips to ensure your kids don’t kill your sex life: Four Signs your relationship wont last: Do you have an unhealthy relationship with sex?surveyed 1,000 women, ages 35 to 45, about pretty much everything — love, money, health, career, kids, sex — and found that results often varied drastically from province to province, leaving us with a lot of burning questions: Why do B. Why do Atlantic Canadians feel like they’re killing it at parenting, while the rest of the country wallows in kid-rearing guilt?

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