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So, how do you make people AWARE of your business, let them know WHO you are, and tell them WHY you matter?Like it or not, Despite which news channel you follow and the devilish-perception sometimes created around the all-mighty media, you need to remember “it” (collectively) is mighty for a reason. With the right pitch and angle, they are willing to share that power with you through a 30 second spot, three minute demonstration, or half hour interview.

You may have invested time and energy into other business strategies that did not produce the desired results.

Most likely, this is because no one knew who the heck you were and why you mattered.

Generally speaking, business owners have a grasp on the knowledge and tools they need to go from simply having the title, “business owner,” to being the owner of a successful business.

They know the knowledge behind sales and ROI, numbers and metrics, dollars and cents. Smart business owners know the importance of effective management skills, delegating responsibilities, keeping records, and customer service.

Business owners also understand the importance of marketing, no matter how much it takes to turn marketing plans into marketing campaigns.

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, yet for some reason, the tactics to create public awareness of a business often get pushed to the back of the priority list, along with the owner’s lunch break and returning unimportant phone calls.

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