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A., Witt calls to her rescue dogs, Ernest, a beagle and miniature pinscher mix, and Maggie, a mix of either Australian Shepard or Husky, ushering them in from the backyard as she describes the process of getting into a role.

"I've always loved finding characters that are not always the most likable ones when you first meet them," she said, "and finding a way to make them people that viewers will identify with, even against their better judgment.", is so dedicated to playing her characters truthfully that she's had to consciously learn to leave her emotions on set.

"In a weird way, you can access all that fear and pain." The versatile actress makes an effort to not play the same character over and over again.

"Nothing makes me happier than when somebody figures out I was in something, and then they'd seen me in something else, and had no idea it was the same person," she said.

"Then I feel like I've done my job."As a marine layer settles in over L.

I think that gets easier with time." in its fifth season this year, as the outsider Wendy Crowe, Witt had never seen the show, a choice she said helped shape her character.

"I think it was a lucky thing that I hadn't actually seen the show before," Witt said, "because my character is from a whole different world than the rest of them.

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