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The civilization of ancient Egypt would not have been possible without the great example of Black African culture, and in all likelihood, it was nothing but the sublimation thereof."(Diop) There is this untutored arrogance displayed by some White South Africans today that they can relate and write about African History, custom/tradition and culture of Africans without even considering the present-day African contemporaries.The rebuilding of African History in South africa has to be properly restored.If one were to seriously research and interrogate the structure of pre-colonial African society and families, their design of a State and the accompanying philosophical and moral concepts, and the like, one can find a consistent cultural unity, resulting from similar adaptations to the same material and physical conditions of life right throughout Africa.We often say there’s nothing like black love and we’re pretty sure the ladies on this list would completely agree because they’ve taken their love straight back to their roots.Here are 10 celebrity women who have found love dating African men.Keri Hilson named her last album “No Boys Allowed” but after meeting Oklahoma City Thunder’s Serge Ibaka, she changed her tune.

Johns highway True African History From the African Perspective "Black African culture set for the whole world an example of extraordinary vitality and vigor.

All vitalist conceptions, religious as well as philosophic, I am convinced, came from that source.

Hilson, who is normally very private about her dating life, was rumored to have a new man in her life and after months of speculation, they came out as a couple in late 2012.

Still going strong, Hilson was sitting in the stands cheering her man on a couple of weeks ago when he got ejected from the game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Winnie Nomzamo Madikezela-Mandela(born in 1936) was the daughter of Columbus and Gertrude Madikezela who were the extended members of the Xhosa speaking people of the Pondo nation situated in the Transkei Miriam Zenzi "Mama Africa" Makeba was born in 1932 of a Swazi mother who was a domestic worker and Sangoma and Xhosa Father.

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In tis picture he is wearing a Traditional Xhosa dress.

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